Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Birthday to Who?

Happy Birthday to ME! Yesterday I turned 7! My family was so excited to celebrate such a joyous occasion.

My Mommy had a party for me, where my family attended with many presents. In my family, it does not matter how old you get, a birthday is important. Luckily for me, I'm a kid, kid parties are always the most fun. We decorated the entire house with beautiful decorations. Streamers hung from the ceiling and there was a large banner above our entry way. I loved my decoration! 

Mommy had a cake made for me that had the prettiest butterflies upon it. I could hardly stand to wait for the time when we would sing "Happy Birthday" and eat the cake. As everyone was singing I continuously stuck a finger into the frosting before licking the frosting clean from my finger. At the end, I grabbed a large glob and smiled at my success. Cakes don't stand a chance around me! 

We played "Pin the tail on the donkey" and laughed as my cousin Christopher tried to cheat, peeking below the small mask that was meant to shelter his eyes. All of the kids played outside, riding on our large tire swing and running around with joy. I really enjoyed our playtime together, even though we bicker when all of us our in the same room for more than 2 minutes. But, what would family be without a little excitement? 

I received many gifts to celebrate my birthday. All of them, a token of my favorite things. Shoes, so many shoes! Princess shoes, sandals, flip slops and flats, all covered in glitter, a gift that is definitely Me. I got an outfit, one things I love is clothes. I often sneak to wear other peoples clothes, so that is a gift worth buying for me. Oh, and a beautiful crown, fit for a princess. So, of course, the crown is perfect for me!

And, the gift that is MOST suited to me, a mirror. I LOVE to stare at my reflection while singing my favorite songs. I stare into car bumpers, the over glass, even pots and pans that have a shinny reflection. I love to sing and to see myself do so. A mirror is perfect for me. 

My family showered me in gifts, and above all, LOVE. It was a terrific day. 

Here are a few of the pictures taken from my party!
My Birthday Cake

Here I was getting a little upset from all the commotion.

I am about to strip my shirt so that I may wear my new outfit.

I am looking at my new outfit, deciding weather or not I should try to put it on.

My awesome sandals!

Me, trying to open a gift. It can be kind of a challenge.

Me, throwing the paper, after opening my crown!

Looking at my crown.

I am trying to open my gifts.

Wrapping paper is the worse! Don't you think?

Taking a sneak peak!

And my most favorite thing of all, my MIRROR!

Happy Birthday to Emma!

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