Wednesday, June 11, 2014

ASL Colors Song

Hi again! I wanted to tell you something that I think is really cool. At the school I attended this year they were teaching me sign language. My family is currently trying to learn, because, well, lets face it, we kind of have a communication error. So, this is a pretty exciting time in my whole families life, where everyone is trying to work together to accomplish the pile of tasks they have at hand. Which shouldn't be a problem for them, they're pretty tough.

My favorite way to learn sign language is through song. Now, my new school introduced my Mom to this Channel on Youtube, and let me tell you, I LOVE IT! My absolute favorite is the Colors Song. I can sign almost all of the colors and even pronounce some of the words. To my family this is a huge event.

Do you want to see how awesome I am at singing the Colors Song? My Mom is a little embarrassed so please leave her some love at the bottom or she might kill my Aunt (Not really, well, lets hope not).

For your viewing pleasure, The Colors Song.

Am I not the most adorable thing you have ever seen? I love the Colors Song! It is definitely my favorite. When I am really upset or bored I can watch it and feel all better. My entire family can sing it with me now, considering how many times they have heard it, they have no excuse. Even the little kids in my family can sing and sign with me a little. It's really something that has bonded us as a family. It has definitely given me a sense of security. So, I'll slap a link on here somewhere for you to find the origional Colors Song so that you and yours can enjoy it as much as we have.