Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Simplest of Things

Hi, Everyone! First, Thank you for all of the support we are receiving here and on Facebook and Twitter. We're trying so hard to spread Awareness and help raise funds to find a cure. All of this Love is much appreciated and wanted.. so... Keep it coming! ;)

Having a child with any disability can be a challenge, trust me, we know. So, we wanted to show you all a lighter but more difficult side of raising a girl with Retts.

Now, normally it takes Emma's Mom's entire body to get Emma to brush her teeth, even when she lets her try on her own. She literally has to pin her between her legs to hold her down, which you will hear our Nephew/Camera man state in the Video. However, that's where the "Lighter" comes in today. Emma did not need to be pinned down, lucky for us. But, you still get a glimpse of how difficult it can be. I hope you enjoy this Sweet but Education video.

Thank you all again. We truly do appreciate all of this Love.