Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hello, Everyone! Meet Tara, my new Occupational Therapist! She is awesome and we all Love her dearly. Say "Hi!" to Tara.
She's so excited to help out with our new Awareness Group and lets my Mom and Aunt Nana take her pictures and even videos. Which makes things so much fun for all of us. 

Today we did a lot of cool things. I got to play with a slime ball that had been filled with a bunch of little beads and toys. I also played with puzzles and a few different toys. I love to sit with Tara on her lap and give her hugs. She is definitely my favorite to date! 

This is Me and Tara playing today at my therapy session.

I hope you enjoyed watching me play with my new friend Tara. I sure did enjoy our play time together, like I said, she's my favorite!